Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Ariel Peterpan really be top gossip in 2010 this year. Starting from the new album and launching a new name Peterpan planned to be held on July 16, 2010 to come, then the circulation of a video nasty Ariel and Luna Maya, Ariel and Cut to gossip Dance Collection Video Mesum Ariel by 32 among women who are well-known artists such as Aura Kasih Indonesia , Ratu Felisha, BCL, SHE vocalist, Dewi Persik, etc. Early Andaraa.

In pictures video footage, this ariel Looks very similar, this is a coincidence or was it ariel? from the starting face, smile and his nose is equally right?

Is not it supposed Ariel personal videos stored and only used as personal data? Does Indonesia have a moral nation down ya? From some articles I read, the personal video circulating since Ariel missing external hard drive. And who discovered it might want to drop Ariel.

Two women who reportedly close to the singer to play the movie with Ariel Peterpan 'Asmara Two of Diana. " Both had also rumored to fight on the set. At that time, Luna said, she and Aura Kasih just laugh together. but, with a circulation of videos like ariel and Aura Kasih, maybe it's a fight between aura kasih and luna maya,it's really happened.

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